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Patient Testimonials
Two of the biggest MISCONCEPTIONS about bunion surgery are: the bunion will come back and surgery is painful. I think you will be pleasantly surprised that our patients do not generally have these issues. The reason bunions can recur is usually due to under-correction. Surgery is more of an art than a science. It is the responsibility of the surgeon to select and execute the appropriate procedure for the specific deformity. With today’s technology we have over 20 different bunion surgery procedures or combination of procedures and modifications that are selected to match the deformity and provide appropriate long term correction.  Careful, atraumatic techniques and proper tissue handling combined with newer medications, closed suction drains, TENS units and appropriate post-operative management can create a pleasant post operative experience.
I found Dr. Angelo Mitsos to be extremely knowledgeable, patient as I asked questions, his answers were tactful, unlike other Drs who just blurt out as if you were merely a number. After discussing various forms of treatment, with surgery being the last option which for me was the obvious course of treatment. Surgery went very well, and I was surprised that he gave out his cell phone number in case I had to call. He called me at home in the evening to check on how I felt which was a nice surprise instead of having an assistant do it for him. I can't say enough good things about him. I'm very happy with the outcome of my surgery, and thrilled that I found him by a recommendation of a friend. His staff and assistants are great and very helpful. Also, the longest I've ever waited was about 10 minutes. He actually spends time with me and others I've referred. I wish all Drs were as prompt, caring and most important, very skilled surgeons.  
05/24/2012: Lisa Di Lullo testimonial -  New Castle, PA
What procedure was done? How has surgical podiatric care improved your life?: A double Bunionectomy. This surgical procedure took away the pain in my feet, let me wear the proper size shoes and has helped me walk better.  

What would you say to a friend or family member who was considering foot/ankle surgery?: I would advise them to have the surgery; your feet are a very important part of the body to take care of.  

What has pleased you most in your course of treatment at our practice? What was the outcome?:  Everything.  The outcome was great. I would recommend Dr. Mitsos to anyone who needed the same surgery as I did.  I had both feet done at the same time, for me it worked out great.  My family was able to be there for me through it all and that made a difference.  
I have had three foot surgeries done by Dr. Mitsos and I am delighted I had them done. My feet had severe bunions on the big toe of both feet. This prevented me from wearing most shoes especially leather. I was in severe pain, but after surgery my feet healed great and I could wear any shoes and walk anywhere at any time. I also developed a very large heel spur in my left foot. It prevented me from walking and doing my daily work. So I had the spur surgically removed too. The procedure went great, the heel healed up quick with no problems and in no time I was back to my normal active self. I highly recommend if you have foot problems that need surgery, don’t hesitate to get it done. You will be so glad you did. I don’t regret any of my surgeries. It made me the way I wanted - pain free and active!

What would you say to a friend or family member who was considering foot/ankle surgery?
I would tell them don’t hesitate to get it done. Start living pain free! I have referred my son and fiancée to Dr. Mitsos’ office to have foot problems taken care of. I am a true believer in the surgery and the outcome.

Additional notes/comments:
The office staff is very friendly and there for you as soon as you come in. Dr. Mitsos takes time to discuss your problems with you. He makes you feel like you are talking to a friend that understands. I have had a good experience with Dr. Mitsos and his staff for all three surgeries and would advise anyone who needs treatment to call his office.

06/01/2012: Joyce McVay – New Castle, PA 
06/07/2012: Eileen B. Rodgers - New Wilmington, PA
​I have had two separate prior attempts at bunionectomies by two separate surgeons, but my pain continued.  I then decided to seek a third opinion from Dr. Mitsos. After my surgicaI consult I decided to schedule to have both feet done on the same day, because of work considerations. The surgery gave me relief from my bunion pain. I was surprised that I was not in a lot of pain and was able to return to work quickly. I would have the surgery again if I had to and would tell others to “live without pain” if they have foot problems that need surgical correction.
06/07/2012: Michelle Eckman - New Castle, PA
I had a painful callus on the ball of my foot and two painful neuromas as well. My pain on a scale of 1 to 10 was at an 8 before surgery. After discussing my options with Dr. Mitsos, I decided surgery was the best treatment course for me. Dr. Mitsos removed bone and repositioned it. I am very pleased with the outcome. Two months following surgery the callus is essentially gone, there is significant relief of the pain, and I look forward to being able to wear heels!
06/07/2012: Randall S. Watters - New Castle, PA
I had two painful heel spurs that Dr. Mitsos surgically removed. Surgery relieved the pain and I was able to return to work with a soft cast on. If I had to do it again, I would. My job requires me to stand for many hours and surgery gave me significant relief from my foot pain. “Without a doubt” I would recommend surgery to others.
06/11/2012: James Magusiak - New Castle, PA
I’ve had several different surgical procedures performed by Dr. Mitsos. My painful hammertoes on both feet made it difficult to wear dress shoes and perform daily tasks. After surgical correction I was able to return to dress shoes and it eliminated the painful corns that would develop. Dr. Mitsos also performed nail surgery on both feet to prevent the continuous ingrown nails I was getting. My painful ingrown nails have not returned since the correction.  
06/11/2012: Randy Sansone - Neshannock, PA
I had painful recurring ingrown nails. After conservative treatment did not resolve the problem, Dr. Mitsos performed a permanent nail correction on both feet. I no longer have any problems with my nails! I was very pleased with the results and would do it again.
06/12/2012: Theresa George - New Castle, PA
I was suffering with heel pain for about a month. When the pain became unbearable and home treatment was not helping I sought professional care. After one treatment with Dr. Mitsos I saw instant results. A cortisone injection, taping and orthotics gave me relief. One week later I’m extremely pleased with the care I received and am telling friends!
06/13/2012: Jane - New Wilmington, PA
I had a bunionectomy with the bone cut and shortened. The operation improved my life tremendously. I no longer have the horrible, intense pain in my right foot. There was of course the period of recovery, but after that I have since had no pain or problems. The scar is barely noticeable.

What would you say to a friend/family member who was considering foot/ankle surgery?
Please consult with Dr. Mitsos! I am so happy I did.

What has pleased you most in your course of treatment at our practice? What was the outcome?
I was very pleased with the outcome; completely satisfied. Six weeks on crutches was not fun, but definitely worth it in the end!

06/20/2012: Angelina A. – North Carolina
Dr. Mitsos surgically corrected bunions on both feet. I had undergone a prior attempt at a left foot bunionectomy, however the bunion and pain continued. My pain increased and I had difficulty wearing shoes. After some research I decided to see Dr. Mitsos for a surgical consult. When I saw him my pain on a scale of 1 to 10 was at a 10! After a recovery period of a couple weeks my pain was gone and so was the bunion. The surgery was “life changing.” I am so happy and my foot looks “beautiful” now. I decided to schedule to have my other foot done, because of the great results I experienced during my first surgery. I had heard horror stories from friends and family concerning poor experiences with other surgeons, but I am very pleased that I persisted and found Dr. Mitsos. It’s wonderful to be able to wear heels and “pretty shoes” again! I have referred several friends and family members and will continue to do so.​
06/22/2012: Vanessa – Laurel Twp. - New Castle, PA
As an athlete my foot care is very important to me. As an 8th grader I have recorded 200 meter times that are approaching state middle school record levels. I am currently going into 9th grade and will be on the track and cross country varsity team. I was experiencing heel and Achilles pain in both my feet. Dr. Mitsos gave me soft orthotics with custom heel lifts and addressed all my concerns. I was very pleased with my treatment, after a couple of weeks the pain subsided. Dr. Mitsos was also able to quickly see me following an ankle injury. I appreciate being seen quickly. I was able to return to training and I am looking forward to this coming season!  
06/29/2012: Richard Stull Sr. – New Castle, PA
I was experiencing severe pain from a lump on the back of my right heel. After being examined in the ER the pain continued. This pain was present for over a month and caused me to walk with a limp. After Dr. Mitsos examined my foot and reviewed my x-rays he explained that I had a large calcification in the Achilles tendon with a bone spur in the back of my right heel. Because of the severity of the pain I decided to have this surgically removed as soon as possible. Less than 4 weeks later I am bearing weight with no pain. I would certainly have this procedure performed again. I was very pleased with the whole process.
07/02/2012: Patty – New Galilee, PA
I had been suffering for hammertoe pain for approximately 1 year. In the last 2 months the pain became very severe to the point that I could not wear shoes without the hammertoes rubbing on the shoes and creating severe discomfort and making it difficult for me to walk. I was somewhat concerned in that I heard that I would have to have metal pins in my toes for hammertoe reductions. After I was examined by Dr. Mitsos he explained that I could have hammertoe reduction surgery without the use of metal pins. I decided to have 7 hammertoes reduced on both feet on the same day. I did not have any severe pain after surgery especially with the assistance of a tens unit provided by EMSI and their helpful sales rep Gabe Gargiulo. Today I am approximately 4 weeks after surgery and am able to wear my athletic shoes with no problems. I am very pleased and I’m referring my friends and family to Dr. Mitsos.
07/18/2012: Mary – New Castle, PA
I am very happy with the results I saw after Dr. Mitsos performed a permanent nail removal on my right big toe. After months of trying to remove the ingrown nail myself I decided to make an appointment with a podiatrist. My own attempts had made the toe worse and I was constantly having pain and discomfort. I have had no problems since the correction. The procedure caused little pain afterwards and eliminated the pain I was in. I would recommend the procedure to others with a similar problem.
07/19/2012: Kathy – Shenango Twp. - New Castle, PA
After years of suffering from an ulcer I decided to schedule outpatient surgery with Dr. Mitsos. An ulcer on my left foot, 2nd toe would heal only to return again and again. This chronic ulcer was very painful and I became concerned of the possibility of infection. Following my corrective hammertoe surgery I was “hardly in any pain.” Dr. Mitsos is a “wonderful” doctor. My toe will now sit flatter and no longer cause an ulcer to develop. I would recommend Dr. Mitsos to others who have a similar problem.  
07/24/2012: Amber Moorhouse – New Castle, PA
After over a year of suffering from foot pain I decided to seek professional help. X-rays revealed a fracture of my lateral sesmoid bone, which caused significant pain upon weight bearing. I also had a painful bunionette/Tailor’s bunion. Dr. Mitsos removed the fragmented sesmoid bone and performed a Tailor’s bunionectomy with a 5th metatarsal osteotomy. At 5 weeks after surgery I am able to wear a soft shoe and the severe pain at the fracture site is now gone. I am excited to wear high heels in the near future.
07/26/2012: Tracy - New Castle, PA
I was suffering from severely painful calluses under a Tailor’s bunion or bunionette on my left foot. This felt like I was “stepping on sharp rocks.” Dr. Mitsos performed a Tailor’s bunionectomy with a corrective osteotomy of the 5th metatarsal. Several months after surgery the skin on the bottom of my foot is very smooth and I experienced significant relief as the original callused area has not returned. I am looking forward to having my other foot surgically corrected.
08/21/2012: Kemp Doster - New Castle, PA
I had a simple bunionectomy performed by another surgeon, however the pain in my right toe area persisted. Dr. Mitsos performed a procedure where he repositioned a bone and this increased my motion and I had very little post-op pain. I actually had 3 prior foot surgeries and this by far was the smoothest post-operative experience of all of them. I am now approximately 5 weeks post-op and pleased with the progress. I have only been using Ibuprofen for most of my post-op period. 
08/24/2012: Amber L. Haybarger - New Castle, PA
Dr. Mitsos performed surgery to lengthen my Achilles tendon on both of my ankles. I had previously seen a doctor in Pittsburgh concerning this issue. He stated that he had, “never seen such a severe gait problem.” The doctor in Pittsburgh wanted to perform surgery on both ankles on the same day, which would have required me using a wheelchair. I am 17 years old and have been ‘toe walking’ since I was a young child. Dr. Mitsos is my podiatrist in New Castle and my mother and I decided to have him perform the surgery. We did the surgeries one at a time so that I would not need to use a wheelchair and my recovery period was shorter. It’s been a year since the surgeries and I now have normal strength so that I can lift off my heels to look out my front door’s peep hole at home! I can put both heels down on the ground, and I can walk normally without getting tired. I recommend Dr. Mitsos to all my friends and it’s been great being able to wear heels!
08/27/2012: Tanya – McKees Rocks, PA
I was experiencing sharp pain at the back of my right heel. I was initially seen by another doctor in Pittsburgh who diagnosed this problem simply as tendonitis. I was considering having a Pittsburgh surgeon operate on my right heel, but was uncomfortable with his presentation. Then I obtained another opinion by Dr. Mitsos in New Castle. Dr. Mitsos made a diagnosis of a Haglund’s deformity “pump bump” and this was excised by Dr. Mitsos in New Castle at Jameson Hospital about 5 weeks ago. I now have significant relief of the sharp pain and am very happy with the result. I would do the procedure again and have recommended Dr. Mitsos to others.
08/27/2012: Mary-Hope Thomas – New Castle, PA
I was referred to Dr. Mitsos by the Urgent Care at the Mayzon Health Center for treatment of an acute ankle sprain. After treatment of my ankle I decided to consult with Dr. Mitsos about a painful hammertoe/mallet toe deformity. I was somewhat concerned about having surgery because I had read several “horror” stories on the internet concerning foot surgery and specifically removal of sutures. Dr. Mitsos reassured me that the surgery and the post-op course is not a severally painful process. My toe deformity was causing pain as the top of my toe was rubbing against most of my shoes. I am now about 4 weeks after surgery and I notice an improvement in my gait. Unlike the stories I had heard the removal of the sutures was not a difficult process and not as painful as I had heard. As a matter of fact, I only needed to take a portion of the pain medication prescribed. Overall, the whole experience was positive and not what I had read.
09/10/2012: Amy Zurasky – Union Twp., PA
I had been dealing with a stiff right great toe joint. A prior bunionectomy had not solved the problem. Following the previous surgery I couldn’t bend the toe and experienced a lot of pressure in the joint. It was also difficult for me to walk up and down stairs. After a consultation with Dr. Mitsos I decided to have surgery again. Following surgery with Dr. Mitsos my range of motion increased, stairs are no longer difficult to navigate, and I can now wear heels again. Considering the quantity of heels I own, this makes me very happy! 
09/21/2012: Trisha Stunkard – New Castle, PA
Less than a year ago I saw Dr. Mitsos for severe arch pain that was causing me great difficulty walking. I could only wear tennis shoes. Dr. Mitsos removed a painful extra bone from my arch and anchored my right tendon. I can now walk without pain and am able to wear different shoes, including flip flops and heels. My foot feels great and I am scheduled to have a similar procedure done on my other foot which just began hurting.
09/21/2012: Cheryl Droste – Monroeville, PA
I suffered from a Morton's Neuroma for almost five years. I had numerous treatments for this condition, but nothing really helped. I even had cryosurgery done (where they freeze the nerve), but nothing worked. Dr. Mitsos worked with me for years trying to eliminate my pain. He suggested removing the neuroma, but like other people, I was hesitant. But it got so bad I decided to undergo the surgery. I am really happy that I did. The surgery was painless, and other than having a boot for a few weeks, it wasn't bad. The best thing is that Dr. Mitsos was right. The surgery eliminated my pain completely and I am totally grateful to him.  So if anyone is considering this surgery, I highly recommend it.
10/02/2012: Cherie Schooley – Volant, PA
I had been experiencing constant burning pain on the ball of my right foot for about a year. I received multiple injections which helped only temporarily. I knew surgery was available, but I was very apprehensive. Recently I just couldn’t take the pain any longer and it was frustrating not being able to wear heels and other dressy shoes. I decided to have surgery because this radiating pain felt like a “permanent rock” in my foot. I was referred to Dr. Mitsos for a surgical consultation. Dr. Mitsos made a diagnosis of a Morton’s Neuroma. I had the neuroma removed about 3 weeks ago and have realized relief of that constant burning. I have no neuroma pain in that area and would now not hesitate to do it again.
10/08/2012: Dorothy Fox – Union Twp., PA 
The pain at the side of my right little toe had become unbearable. There was constant pain no matter what type of shoe I wore. I was told by another doctor that the pain was caused by calcification in my 5th right toe. After my consultation with Dr. Mitsos, he diagnosed the toe as a rotated hammertoe. I decided to schedule for outpatient surgery since all conservative treatments had failed. Dr. Mitsos performed a reduction of the hammertoe, while it took a number of weeks to be able to wear closed shoes, the surgery provided relief of the pain I was previously experiencing. I am now able to wear all types of shoes without discomfort. I would without a doubt do the surgery again and am currently scheduled to surgically correct a painful condition on my left foot.  
10/17/2012: Bobbi Reider – Neshannock Twp., PA 
Dr. Mitsos performed surgeries on both my feet. About 15 years ago I was experiencing pain and had difficulty walking and wearing shoes. This prompted me to seek medical assistance. Dr. Mitsos performed a left bunionectomy. Following a normal recovery period I was able to wear all kinds of shoes without a problem. Because of the excellent results on my left foot, Dr. Mitsos recently performed a right bunionectomy. My feet look “beautiful.” I am very happy with the surgery results and would do it again without hesitation. I have since referred several friends to Dr. Mitsos. 
10/25/2012: Eva Mazur – Neshannock Twp., PA 
I was suffering from a severe bunion deformity, which was causing my second toe to be overlapping and bending over my great toe. This was causing the formation of two severely painful calluses under my second toe in the ball of my foot. Dr. Mitsos performed a bunionectomy and straightened my big toe and second toe. Now, about 3 months after surgery, the severe pain in the ball of my foot is gone and I can walk much more comfortably. The calluses have not returned. I am happy I had the surgery.
10/31/2012: Walter Smoot – Neshannock Twp., PA 
I had a very painful callus near my little toe on my right foot. Dr. Mitsos diagnosed this as a Tailor’s bunion deformity or bunionette. This was surgically corrected several months before hunting season. I realized good relief of my pain and the callus has not returned. I am very happy that I was able to go hunting and travel to Colorado where I had a very successful hunting season. I recently brought a picture of a 300 lb., 11 pt. mule deer from Ridgeway, Colorado. I was physically able to hunt down this deer after my surgery.  (see picture on events page)
11/01/2012: Debbie – Neshannock Twp., PA 
I had been suffering from painful bunions on both feet. After surgical correction of my left foot I recently returned to have a right foot bunionectomy. Dr. Mitsos explained, due to the severity of the bunion, I would need to be on crutches for about a month. This was inconvenient and I was not able to go to high school football games this Fall, however I am happy that the bunions will not return.

While I was on crutches people would question me about my foot and they were surprised to hear that I was not experiencing much pain. I would certainly do it again. This weekend I am going to the Penn State - Purdue game.

11/06/2012: Rev. Anthony Kladitis – New Castle, PA 
I was suffering from a very painful ingrown nail for over 2 weeks.  I tried some "bathroom surgery" at home unsuccessfully.  I also made the unfortunate mistake of looking at ingrown nail surgery on YouTube.  What made things worse was the YouTube video had background music consisting of Guns & Roses' "Welcome to the Jungle!"  I finally put my razor blade away and surrendered and called Dr. Mitsos for professional assistance.  I was able to reach Dr. Mitsos on his cell phone Sunday evening.  Dr. Mitsos reassured me that removing an ingrown nail is a simple in-office procedure that should not be a painful experience.  The office staff was very friendly and accommodating and gave me their first appointment Monday morning.  The shot of Novacain, which was my main concern, was not a painful experience.  I am now able to return comfortably to my duties as the youth pastor at Northminster Presbyterian Church and I am singing Springsteen's "Born to Run."  (see picture of my wife Christen and me on events page - follow my blog at www.dreamingnorth.blogspot.com)

11/19/2012: Kimberly Pinkins – Farrell, PA 
I was recently suffering from a lot of heel pain on both feet. I live in Farrell and did not have coverage for foot care. I needed immediate attention and was unable to find a doctor in Farrell that would see me right away. I was referred to Dr. Mitsos by several other professionals. The courteous and friendly office manager was able to make me an appointment quickly and the lack of insurance coverage was not an issue. I was happy to get in quickly because the pain was so severe. After several injections and soft orthotics I was extremely please. Today I feel 100% better! I was happy that they charged me a discounted amount due my insurance situation. After another office visit today I am ready for Black Friday sales!​
11/30/2012: Bruce W. – Neshannock Twp., PA
After suffering from heel pain, plantar fasciitis, for over 6 years and receiving numerous treatments consisting of cortisone injections, orthotics, strappings and stretching, I called Dr. Mitsos’ office. I also had pain and numbness at the front of my foot which was caused by a Morton’s neuroma. This was causing problems after long walks. Dr. Mitsos reviewed all treatment options. Because of the severity of the pain and because non-surgical treatments were not effective I had a plantar fasciotomy and an excision of the neuroma 15 days ago. Today I am wearing a soft shoe and will be returning to essentially my full duties at work on Monday. Other than experiencing some mild swelling, I have already realized good relief of my original symptoms and am referring a patient for a surgical consultation.
12/04/2012: Brady Kilmer – Pulaski, PA
I was suffering from an ingrown nail for over a month. About one week ago the pain became so severe I tried some “bathroom surgery” with a towel in my mouth. When that did not work, this morning, I googled “foot doctor New Castle” from my iphone. The first listing I saw directed me to a mobile app and I clicked on “call us.” I did not even have to dial. I did not hear any rings and the next thing I heard was a very friendly assistant giving me a same day appointment. I was able to see Dr. Mitsos within 45 minutes of my call. I was treated right away and my ingrown nail was removed under a local anesthetic which was much more comfortable than my futile attempts at home.
01/08/2013: Terry – New Wilmington, PA
After dealing with the pain and stiffness of my left bunion I decided to consult with Dr. Mitsos. I was told by many different people that bunion surgery is the worst surgery to go through. After hearing about the procedure from Dr. Mitsos and the results his patients have experienced I decided to have a bunionectomy performed with an osteotomy. One week after surgery I am experiencing some mild aching and no severe pain.  This experience was nothing like what people described. I’m excited to return to my Zumba exercises in the near future! 

UPDATE (02/19/2013): I phoned Dr. Mitsos’ office today with a progress update. I returned to my first Zumba class last evening! I experienced no pain or discomfort. This morning I am still feeling great. I am happy to be able to resume my normal exercise schedule of 3 classes per week. 
01/17/2013: Tom – New Kensington, PA
I had been seeing Dr. Mitsos for a couple years for very painful calluses. It felt “like walking on golf balls.” My pain was so severe that I thought about amputation every day! I was in that much pain. After Dr. Mitsos tried numerous conservative treatments the problem continued and that’s when I decided on surgery. Following surgery on the metatarsal bones on both feet, the calluses have essentially disappeared. I no longer have to make an appointment every 5 weeks to have them shaved down. Recovery was quick; at one month later I noticed a big improvement and am experiencing a little discomfort, but no severe pain. In addition, Dr. Mitsos has removed painful ingrown nails, they have not returned. I would certainly go through these surgeries again.
01/24/2013: Mary – Neshannock Twp., PA
I used to experience extreme pain in my heel and I would limp after shopping trips. After numerous non-surgical treatments I consulted with Dr. Mitsos. Dr. Mitsos made a diagnosis of plantar fasciitis with a heel spur and a heel neuroma. The healing after surgery went well with some discomfort for the first 2 or 3 days, but no severe pain. About 6 weeks after surgery I went to shopping trips to Walmart and Cosco and was pleasantly surprised that at the end of my shopping I had no pain and was not limping! When asked if “I would have the surgery again?”, I would do it tomorrow!
01/24/2013: Mindy – New Castle, PA
I had a very painful callus under my little toe area. It felt like I was walking on stones. It became so severe that I was trying to treat it myself at home with an exacto knife. My father discouraged me from having foot surgery by telling me that it would “mess up” my foot. Because of the severity of the pain I made an appointment with Dr. Mitsos. After an evaluation with digital x-rays, Dr. Mitsos explained I had a deformity of my 5th metatarsal. I had this surgically straightened several days before Christmas. Today I am able to wear a soft shoe and my callus is resolving nicely. My foot feels much more balanced. The surgery was not as bad as having a tattoo done on the top of my foot! I am considering having my other foot surgically straightened.
01/24/2013: Phil – Pulaski, PA
I recently learned about the importance of seeing a specialist for my ingrown toenail. Several weeks ago I was initially treated in the ER. Not only was the Novocain injection extremely painful (a 25 on the scale of 1 to 10!) the problem did not go away.

My mother found Dr. Mitsos through a referral of a friend. Dr. Mitsos easily numbed my big toe in his office (pain level 3 out of 10) with the assistance of a cold numbing spray. He also explained that the border of the nail could be permanently removed to solve this recurrent problem.

01/25/2013: Linda – New Castle, PA
I almost cancelled my appointment twice today for permanent nail removal at Dr. Mitsos’ office. I was scared, because of a past, very painful experience by a non-specialist. The pain level of this prior experience on a scale of 1 to 10 was a 20! Today Dr. Mitsos was able to remove both of my great toenails for permanent correction. The pain level on a scale of 1 to 10 was a 2! These toenails were severely thick, deformed, ingrown and painful. The procedure today was designed to prevent recurrence. I decided to have the permanent correction done because other temporary treatments were not adequate; and because of my diabetes, I am looking to prevent complications later in life.​
01/29/2013: Joyce Watkins – Shenango Twp., New Castle, PA
I had a bunionectomy with a wedge cut and a wire to straighten my big toe. In addition, I had reduction of my hammertoe. The surgery was 6 days ago. I had mild discomfort the 2nd day after surgery. Today I have no pain.  
01/29/2013: Gary Nitch– New Castle, PA
Last summer I had severe pain from a hallux rigidus, osteoarthritis condition. The pain was so severe (pain level of 7 out of 10) that I had to start using a riding cart while golfing. Dr. Mitsos operated on my great toe joint several days before Christmas to remove arthritic bone and improve my range of motion. Today not only am I wearing a soft shoe, my pain level is essentially a 0 out of 10! My range of motion has improved and I am looking forward to walking nine holes of golf this spring.
02/01/2013: Stephanie Baker– Franklin, PA
I recently was treated by a non-specialist in Franklin, PA for a very severe ingrown great toenail. I screamed and cried because the injection of the novocaine was so painful and because the toe was not completely numb or asleep. Today, Dr. Mitsos removed this in the office and there was no screaming or crying! 
02/12/2013: Dan Allen – Bessemer, PA
I was referred to Dr. Mitsos’ office by the ER physician. I was having severe pain on the bottom of both feet for about 2 weeks. I received a pain injection, which did not provide adequate long term relief. I had also heard about Dr. Mitsos and his very helpful assistant from some of their other patients. Dr. Mitsos made a diagnosis of plantar fasciitis and after some simple treatments I have already realized some relief within the first 48 hours of treatment. I appreciated the efforts of Audrey who made several phone calls to obtain my insurance information as I did not have my insurance card with me on my initial visit. Audrey also made me a same day appointment and I was able to be treated right away without delay.
Dr. Mitsos is very caring, helpful, and available for questions and concerns. I was back doing my Zumba routine in 7 weeks after surgery to remove a bunion.
03/28/2013: Helen - New Castle, PA
Several years ago I broke my right ankle while hiking in the Grand Canyon. This injury required surgery with screw fixation. Recently one of the screws was sticking out the side of my right ankle causing irritation. In addition, I was suffering from 2 painful calluses on the bottom of my foot. I was referred to Dr. Mitsos for a surgical evaluation. Dr. Mitsos removed the screw and performed surgery on the metatarsal bones about 2 months ago. Today I am walking better with good relief of the pain. I did not need many pain pills following surgery. I would certainly do this surgery again!
04/24/2013: Sherri - New Castle, PA
I experienced pain for about 10 years on my left big toe. It felt like “sharp, knife” pains around the joint. Not only was the joint sore but there was little movement. I couldn’t wear heels and it was difficult to wear most shoes comfortably. I was offered cortisone injections and other conservative treatments, but nothing seemed to help. After a surgical consult with Dr. Mitsos, I decided to go ahead with bunion surgery. After surgery I experienced some discomfort for the first 48 hours, then the recovery process was fairly quick. I am now feeling 100% better and enjoy wearing all types of shoes! It’s wonderful to have movement and use of the joint. I would have the surgery again and am scheduled for another surgery to address a bone spur and neuroma on my right foot.
04/25/2013: Gary - Shenango Twp., PA
I was having pain at my left heel for about 5 months before making an appointment with Dr. Mitsos. After x-rays and an exam, Dr. Mitsos diagnosed me with a left heel spur. Conservative treatment approaches had not been effective so I went ahead and scheduled out-patient surgery for a retrocalcaneal exostectomy with reattachment of the Achilles tendon. Before surgery on a scale of one to ten the pain was a nine. Now eight weeks following surgery my pain is at a three. I am returning to work and am very happy that I had the procedure done. I would do it again and am considering surgically addressing my right heel spur.
04/30/2013: Cory Houk - Laurel Twp., PA
I was having heel pain for about one year. It was making it difficult for me to walk and work. Dr. Mitsos diagnosed me with a heel spur, plantar fasciitis, and a heel neuroma. I decided to have the surgery to relieve my foot pain. It is now less than 2 weeks since surgery and I’m wearing a soft shoe again. There is good healing at the surgical site and at least half of my heel pain is gone. The stiches were removed and I’ll be returning in a couple weeks to check my progress. I’m very pleased with my recovery so far!
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05/02/2013: Brenda Lee Miller - New Castle, PA
I was having a lot of pain and discomfort from my deformed toenail on my right big toe. Dr. Mitsos did a permanent nail correction so that I would not have to continually have nail problems. My pain on a scale of 1 – 10 was a 19 before the procedure! Now I have zero pain and I’m very happy I had the toenail removed. I recently referred a family member to Dr. Mitsos for her ingrown toenails.  
05/09/2013: Grace - New Castle, PA
I have had trouble with both my feet since the early 70’s. Since then I’ve gone through 5 surgeries per foot! Finally after Dr. Mitsos’ procedure on my left foot I have finally realized relief from my foot pain. He operated on my deformed metatarsal, hammertoe and took out a neuroma. The recovery process was as expected and well worth the results. The pain I was experiencing in the ball of my foot is now gone. I would highly recommend Dr. Mitsos to others.
05/21/2013: Debbie - New Castle, PA
I had severe pain under the great toe joint. Dr. Mitsos removed a sesmoid bone and in less than 2 weeks the pain is gone! I am no longer experiencing the bone rubbing and irritation that I previously experienced.
05/21/2013: Melinda Stevens - New Castle, PA
It’s been one month since I had a fasciotomy surgery by Dr. Mitsos. Prior to surgery I could not stand comfortably long enough to wash dishes. This severe pain in my heel was also limiting my ability to walk. Today I no longer have the tight, uncomfortable feeling in my heel and can now walk comfortably. I did not need the pain medication following surgery and am considering having the same procedure done on my other foot, which is starting to hurt.
06/10/2013: Marissa Kubler - Neshannock, PA
Dr. Mitsos performed a bunionectomy on my right foot in 2011. I returned several months later for a left bunionectomy. My bunions no longer hurt. Because of the good results from my bunionectomies I returned to Dr. Mitsos and I am currently scheduled to have reduction of hammertoes, which just recently became symptomatic.  
06/24/2013: Dan - Union Twp., PA
I suffered from a painful rotated toe. Dr. Mitsos operated on this toe several weeks ago, the procedure was reduction of hammertoe with a derotational skin plasty. Today it feels much better and I am returning to work in several days.
07/11/2013: Autumn - New Castle, PA
I had 2 previous foot surgeries with Dr. Mitsos. I may schedule another surgery in the near future. “Dr. Mitsos’ office is the best!”
07/15/2013: Tammy Douglas - New Castle, PA
I went out of town to have foot surgery, however my pain continued. Dr. Mitsos recently re-operated on my left foot with good results. My surgery was only a couple weeks ago and my pain has decreased by about 80%. I am happy with the result and I am scheduled to have right foot surgery by Dr. Mitsos in several weeks.
07/18/2013: Margaret Dustman - Youngstown, OH
I recently referred a patient to Dr. Mitsos. Dr. Mitsos had removed multiple stubborn warts on me. He was very kind and compassionate. I was very happy with my experience at his office.
08/27/2013: Dawn - New Castle, PA
I was having pain in both heels for about a month. I work throughout the day and it is not easy for me to make doctor appointments. I found www.DrMitsos.com and used the online appointment form. Within 24 hours Audrey contacted me and got me in quickly. I requested conservative care for this painful condition. Dr. Mitsos applied strappings and gave me soft orthotics. After one week of treatment I realized about 50% reduction of the pain.
07/29/2013: Karen: Owner of Weekly Bargain Bulletin – Neshannock Twp.
I had a bone spur removed from the back of my heel. Because the Achilles tendon had to be reattached I used a knee walker (scooter/stroller) to keep my foot off the ground for several weeks. I had some explaining to do when using this in public! I am happy that I had the surgery and pleased with the relief I am experiencing from my previous pain. Other than some difficulty from stiffness and weakness going from non-weight bearing to partial weight bearing and then full weight bearing, my experience was almost pain free.  
08/29/2013: George Wise – New Castle, PA
I knew Dr. Mitsos from many years ago when I attended Lincoln Garfield Elementary school on Reynolds Street on the South side of New Castle. St. George Greek Orthodox Church was located right across from the school. It was good to reconnect after many years. Dr. Mitsos straightened a painful toe and removed an extra bone from my foot which was very painful. It’s been only 2 weeks after surgery and I already realize relief of these painful conditions.
11/22/2013: Kimberlee Carbone – New Castle, PA
I was suffering from recurrent painful ingrown nails. They became so severe I ultimately had to have both great toe nails completely and permanently removed. Prior to surgery I was concerned about the cosmetic appearance. Dr. Mitsos assured me that I would be able to apply nail polish to the nail bed once the skin was completely healed. Not only did the procedures alleviate my pain but after application of the nail polish one can hardly tell the difference. I am happy I had both feet operated on.
03/10/2014: Genna Harper – New Castle, PA
I had bunion surgery done on my left foot in July of 2013.  I returned this month to have the bunion on my right foot surgically corrected.
03/19/2014: Robin – West Pittsburg, PA
I had constant pain in my right heel and because conservative treatments were not adequate I had a plantar fasciotomy and excision of heel spur 12 days ago.  I have already realized good relief of my original pain.
03/25/2014: Gary – Shenango Twp., PA
I had a painful bone spur surgically removed from the back of my left heel last year.  I returned this year to have the same type of spur removed from the back of my right heel and I will be returning to work in a few days.
07/14/2014: James Slaiman – New Castle, PA
I had a painful heel spur on my back left heel.  About 1 month ago I had it surgically removed.  Today I am returning to work full duty.  I have realized good relief of my pain.  I am considering having my right foot done in the fall.
11/25/2014: Michele– Shenango Twp., PA
I am a Jameson Hospital employee and was referred to Dr. Mitsos for a bunionectomy by another hospital employee who had bunion surgery.
05/15/2015: Nancy Sankey – New Castle, PA
I had foot surgery out of town, which did not alleviate my pain.  I came to see Dr. Mitsos because of my continued pain.  Now less then 1 week after surgery there is a significant relief of my pain.  I am very happy with the procedure and the results I have experienced already.
01/06/2016: Heather Ernst – New Castle, PA
I was referred to Dr. Mitsos by a local doctor for long standing heel pain.  After multiple conservative treatments that did not relieve my heel pain I decided to go ahead with surgery.

Dr. Mitsos explained that the plantar fasciotomy will be the key to getting relief.  Today, less than 2 weeks after surgery I had my sutures removed and am able to wear soft shoes.  I can already feel relief and expect to return to restaurant work in 1 to 2 weeks.
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